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اهل الكرم والشجاعة
ياجبال الظهاره سلّمي لي على منعا   واي منعا تسلم لي على وادي تنــومة

ABHA . The city of Abha lies in the southwestern part of the Arabian peninsula. The region abounds in mountains, valleys and fertile plains. It has a generally moderate climate, heavy rainfall, green pasture and agricultural plateaus.  Abha is engulfed by clouds and is surrounded by dense forests.To ancient Egyptians, this region was known as the land of spices and incense.To utilize the region's touristic and aesthetic potential, several parks have been established, most important among  which is the Aseer National Park. It groups small parks in Al Qara'a, Al Souda, Al Wardeh, Dalafan, Al Jarrah and  (Tanumah). The area also includes the Grand Tourist lake Project and Al Hebla Park, which has been provided with   a cable lift service. Read more in SaudiFact.
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